Acorn Fishery. This fabulous family run business in Summerset is the perfect venue for beginners. There aren’t many venues which facilities as good as this fishery. There are a number of Huts fitted with electricity and drinking water dotted round the lake so leave your bivvy at home. The onsite cafe offers hot meals and snacks and also a small tackle and bait shop, Toilets and showers. Then there’s the fishing where two match style lakes offer bites all day long with carp to double figures but the larger specimen lake is ideal for catching plenty of doubles and the odd twenty. 10 out of 10 from me.

A typical Acorn carp above.

Brasenose 2. The perfect venue for those adventurous anglers that want to attempt to fish a gravel pit for the first time. The lake offers challenges of weed, snags and various underwater features but despite this, the carp are ravenous and love their food. Loads of doubles with a chance of a twenty.

Drayton. This lake just south of Birmingham is absolutely rammed full of fish which respond to all tactics including zigs, spodding, pva bags and method feeder to name but a few. The fish averaging 10Lb swim round in huge shoals so plenty of bites are on the cards if you can get on them.

(Two of over 200 fish in a weekend for me and Bart)

Thorp lea. The fish now average near on 20Lb and respond to most tactics. Situated between the M3 and M4 this easily accessible venue fishes well all year round and is always a safe bet to bag a 20lber.

Barston. Get to grips with your boilie fishing on Barston. Carp go crazy here for those little round balls and multiple captures of carp well into double figures are common place. Situated on the side of the West Midlands Golf Club, the banks are immaculate and the club house facilities are top notch.

(Red baits work best at Barston)

Boddington. A cracking midlands venue for a day session. The higher number pegs tend to fish better with carp averaging low doubles responding well to the method feeder. Also catapulting 8mm pellets 30 yards produces plenty of fish.

Chestnut pool. The Ultimate runs water. A small lake with a couple of islands offers every peg a feature to cast to. The method feeder accounts for huge numbers of fish and once you get them going, bites can come so quickly you won’t even have time to clip the bobbin on.

(The method accounts for huge numbers of fish)

Bluebells mallard. This venue was stocked with 2,000 carp a number of years ago and they have flourished in Mallard. The carp are now averaging upper doubles and low twenties with a good number of thirties coming through the ranks. 40 fish+ hits are commonplace.

Larford. The Speci lake at Larford is full of fish including a good head of doubles and the odd twenty. During the warmer weather the bigger fish can be caught right in the margins, especially on the end of the wind.

Oxlease.  Another very popular lake on the Linear fisheries complex which is ideal for beginners wanting to improve their angling and take it to the next level. The perfect venue to learn to feature find and spod with a great chance of getting a bend in the rod. Loads of thirties to go at and if you are lucky you might just bag yourself a 40.


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